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Die casting solution

ACE provides plastic molds and molding worldwide. With over 20 years engineering design and manufacturing experience, our ACE team can create plastic solutions for any industry. We have a dedicated research development team for new part development. We are able to provide service on new part concepts in plastic as well as PCB assembly service.

Why Choose ACE

Your Reliable One-Stop Shop for your Mold and Hardware Needs

Our factory which specializing in die casting for more than 10 years, we are capacity from Mold design and manufacturing, die casting, machining foundry, CNC processing, polishing, electroplate, oil injection etc covered zinc alloy, aluminium alloy and magnesium alloy. Our factory own advanced mold manufacturing equipment and die casting equipment, together with several sophisticated detection equipment. Meanwhile, we have a large number of professional technical personnel, also with perfect quality management system. Several famous enterprise from both inland and overseas are cooperated with us, our products and service are recognized by hundred of our clients, we are always here provid our more better, faster, cheaper products!

Spend the least effort to get your most satisfied mold hardware product

Spend the least money to make your most satisfied mold hardware product

What is die casting?

Ace we design and manufacture Aluminum Die casting, Zinc Die casting.Our company is equipped with various good quality machines, including automatic die casting machines, plastics injection machines, stamping machines, CNC production centers, CNC milling machines, CNC punching machines, numerically controlled lathes, drill & tapping machines, wire cut machines, wet grinding mills, welding machines, other auxiliary production equipment, and CMM inspection instrument.


What Areas is Die casting Best Applied To?

Some of the examples are:

● Automobile parts

● Household appliances

● Electronic products

● Housings for electronics

● Farming tools

● Industrial product

● Communication product

● Machine industry