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High Precision Mold Components

Ace provides high precision mold components for our clients. With our high precision

machining, we can provide to our customer’s high precision mold components. We can manufacture the high precision CNC parts for our client and precision die core and machinery accessories. 

We can follow our customers’ specified spare parts or components’ drawing to manufacture and inspection the mold components for them. Our machining tolerance could provide tolerance range from ± 0.005mm for steel.

We provide mold cavity and core block for our overseas customer. After we receive the drawing for the mold components we will check and provide a design concept (DFM) for our client’s checking and conformation. Before the mold cavity or core block is ready we will provide the fully cavity and core in speciation report for their confirmation.


We can also provide high precision mold inserts or mold sliders as per customer drawing.

For high precision mold standard and other metal components, we provide full inspection report and also various steel treatment requirements such as heat treatment and nitrating treatment report on the part.

For all the mold or other high precision components we will do well package before ship out to overseas, we make sure all dimension is in tolerance and also the standard mold parts or the standard mold component can be use when you first get the product. For some dimensions that need to be fitting on the mold will also make specifications file to show what is the right way for assembly and fitting. 

We choose the best row material steel for all the components.  With high precision mold machining also the steel is very important to guarantee the high quality parts. Ace always import or choose the best steel for the mold standard parts.

Ace provides our customers automotive connectors and terminal blocks. For our customer’s over molding we can be follow customer’s specification to provide the terminal blocks and also the terminal loading blocks with bigger amount quantities.

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