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Medical and packaging

Medical and packaging product specialize.

Ace is one of the top high precision mold maker, with our experienced design team and top high precision machining we have made injection mold with up to 128 cavities fully balance hot runner plastic mold, and the mold life time we guarantee to work more than 1 million shots.  

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At Ace we specialize on high cavity injection molds for medical and packaging product, we imported high precision CNC machine as well as high end part inspection machine.

Ace works together with our customers to develop innovation-packaging strategies that will promote customer brand and attract customer’s attention. With our experienced design engineers team can bring your packaging concepts to actual part. For food packaging, household or cosmetic packaging, Ace is your strategic resource.  At Ace we process with a wide range of resins, expert color matching, and part surface treatment recommendation for our client.

Ace offers complete solution from part concept design, prototype, and tooling. We provide cutting-edge solutions to even the toughest manufacturing challenges.

Innovative in Secondary Operations

Ace has been an innovator in ushering these secondary operations processes to new level of quality and cost-effectiveness.

● Heat-transfer ● IML IMI ● Electroplating ● Pad Printing ● Chrome coating ● Silk screening ● Hot Stamping ● Laser engraving

● Ace is one of the top high quality medical plastic tooling manufacture company, we export all high quality plastic medical mold for our overseas client. The continuous push to create medical devices that are disposable, less costly, and more reliable. for each medical molding project is requested. Whether the require a high or low-volume mold life time. Whether your component has been in production for years, or has never been beyond prototyping stage. We bring medical device production technical expertise and practical execution across the full spectrum of these variables.

Ace will sharing our medical experience with our customers from the beginning, we can develop the most efficient, repeatable process for manufacturing and distributing each product. Then we put that process into place, utilizing continuous improvement methods to ensure optimal results. We analyze the results of every production run daily to identify opportunities for improving quality and efficiency.

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